We are a golf school for beginners
and people with no experience.

Step by Step Golf School Osaka

I just can’t improve even if I practice.

I want a cool swing.

I want to break 100.

I am nervous because I am a beginner.

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We recommend our school for those above.

Practicing will be fun!

The secret of improving golf is knowing yourself.

We have good lessons that you can easily understand and that we use videos to check tour swing.

We introduced a golf simulator with a swing analyzer.


You can check your distance, ball spin, face angle, head speed, and swing path.

I, Kazuhiko Kanaoka,politely teacheasy to understand lessons.

For Beginners

For anyone who wants to start golfing and beginners who want to improve.
We have easy to understand lessons from those on basic knowledge like rules and manners, to ones on how to practice.
For that purpose, at Step By Step Golf School, we politely, pleasantly teach enjoyable lessons. Relax and leave everything to us.

For Women Golfers

Many golf lesson books and golf theory books are aimed at men.
At Step by Step Golf School Osaka, golf programs for woman are available.

TEL: 080-7079-2716
Sakaisuji Chidori Building Second floor (above Komeda coffee)
2-1-1 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan